Cipriano Vigil: Músico de la Gente

Cipriano Vigil was born in 1941, in the Northern New Mexico town of Chamisal. From the age of eight, he would badger the local “Resolaneros” - musicians practicing outdoors along the sunny side of a house- to teach him songs and the guitar. During the ensuing sixty eight years, Cipriano has collected the encyclopedia of Northern New Mexico music, learned to play over three hundred instruments, performed at the Smithsonian Institution and all over the United States, and written Northern New Mexico anthems that qualify him as a true voice of his people.

To Purchase Cipriano’s book, “New Mexican Folk Music: Treasures of a People”, Music CDS, Cigar Box Guitars, or to arrange a Cigar Box Guitar Workshop, please contact him at:, or email him at

Directed by
Scott Andrews